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We are a small, radically inclusive community who meet weekly in the centre of Birmingham. We hold a variety of beliefs and non-beliefs, but have all found a home within Unitarianism / Unitarian Universalism. We are united by shared values and by the desire to find ways to practise our beliefs, and live more justly and peacefully in the world.

The roots of Unitarianism lie in the dissenting Christians of the 17th and 18th centuries who chose to follow their conscience, rather than adopt the doctrine of the Church of England. It was a time of radical social, political and religious upheaval, and our movement is fundamentally shaped by this culture.


Whatever your background, age, identity or belief, you are welcome to come and join us at 11am on Sundays at New Meeting Church, 31 Ryland Street, Five Ways, B16 8BL. Scroll down to find out more about Sundays.

Our building is wheelchair accessible and has an induction hearing loop, and we are welcoming of all diversities including neurodiversities. If you have any accessibility needs that you want to discuss before attending, please just get in touch.



Whoever you are, wherever you're from, whatever you believe or don't believe, whatever your background, the colour of your skin, whoever you love: there is a place here for you.

In our gatherings on Sundays, you'll find a mixture of words, music and worship in the broadest sense of the word led by our minister Rev. Winnie Gordon, lay worship leaders and guest visitors. You are just as likely to hear readings from modern thinkers or poetry as you are to hear a reading from the Bible, or from any other religious books.

Families are welcome. Children's laughter, cries and conversation are welcome expressions of their presence. Services frequently contain opportunities for children to participate, and there are always toys and books in the church foyer for children to explore.

Tea, coffee and connection straight after.

11am. Come and join us.





We conduct weddings and blessings for all same-sex, heterosexual and queer unions. We believe that every relationship of love between human beings is sacred. There is no requirement to be a member of the church, or to hold any particular belief.

When getting married here, the couple themselves are encouraged to help arrange the ceremony, choosing their own music, rituals, readings and forms of words to make it a meaningful process and ceremony for them, and a joyful and memorable occasion.

Child dedication/naming ceremonies

These ceremonies (similar to baptism/christenings), can celebrate a child's birth, adoption, coming of age into the community of life on earth, and the fellowship of humankind.  They are happy and undogmatic occasions.

Parents are encouraged to participate in creating a service that has meaning to them, incorporating rituals (new or old), and words that symbolise what they wish for their child. Rituals may use water, flowers, candles, stones, oils or something else entirely.

Memorial services / funerals

We can provide bespoke funerals, commemoration services and memorial services to support those who wish to mark their grief at the loss of a loved one, say goodbye, and celebrate their loved one's life in community with others.


Services may include a eulogy, poems or readings, prayers or time for meditation, music with hymns or opportunities for popular songs, personal reflection, stories and memories of the departed. We can work with you to reflect your own preferences.


Please contact Winnie to talk more about any of these:



Our congregation has been led by Rev Winnie Gordon (she/her) since 2014. Winnie's delivery of worship consciously caters for the spectrum of beliefs held by those who attend Unitarian services. 

Originally raised Roman Catholic, Winnie came to Unitarianism in 2006, seeking a place where doubts were welcome and questions encouraged, and she very quickly recognised it as her spiritual home. For Winnie, Unitarianism is not just a religion but a way of living a life that is inclusive, furthering fairness and equality, and seeking justice for all. She works at fulfilling these precepts in all she does: in conducting inclusive services, aiding in the Lay Worship Training courses, and in encouraging Unitarian endeavours in anti-racism work. She is also involved with Ladywood Community Project, a local charity that aids families experiencing financial hardship and poverty. 

A photo of Winnie Gordon, the Minister of the Birmingham Unitarian congregation, smiling.


We have a number of spaces for hire, suitable for community groups, events and celebrations, and classes. For queries about room, hall or whole building hire, or car parking space hire, please contact:

Find us
Find us


Birmingham Unitarians.

New Meeting Church

31 Ryland St, Five Ways, Birmingham B16 8BL

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